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June 2014



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One year into retirement

A year has now gone by since I retired.  Much of the torpor has worn off.  I've picked up the mandollin again and thanks to an FB post from dulcimergoddess on making failure a friend, I haven't smashed it against the wall:-)  I've also signed up for a 400 level Chaucer course at the University of Md.  One of the perks of living in a high tax state are actual benefits.  Retirees over 60 can audit any class they're qualified for zero dollars (not counting the $75 yearly registration fee).  I'm also going to act as stage hand for my friend Tom Meylan's corporate goodness video series.  Short pearls of wisdom captured for posterity.  So far this will lead to a free lunch.

My practice goes through waves of activity.   For the most part, when I do ritual I'm resorting to some of my oldest forms - rising light below (but the OBOD version),acknowledging my own local loop of spiritual beings and the spirits of the land.  The regression seems comfortable. I'm hoping to integrate the mandolin into ritual.  It has worked in the past.  This poem came nearly complete and also with music.

Occassionally I have innovations, the latest of which was that after drawing ogam sticks for a reading I can get another level of meaning by pressing the stick to my third eye position.  And stick is both a verb and a noun here as there seems to be some sort of electromagnetic attraction for some of them not wanting to let go for over a minute. Not going to try that with huath or ceirt however.  Perhaps erynn999 will have something to say about this.


I doubt there is anything wrong with looking energetically for other layers of meaning. Just be sure to clear out anything that feels hinky afterwards.
Ah, I am very, very familiar with the need to smash instruments (or recording equipment) into the wall. Bob has to rescue me from fits like that sometimes!
I once prevented my wife from destroying a piece of her stained glass work with a hammer because it had developed a glass crack. It was only when we saw a stained glass exhibit of famous pieces that all had small cracks that she forgave me:-)